Joint statement on the provision of Operating Grants to health NGOs

Fifteen members of the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance have called, in a joint statement, for the European Commission to include Operating Grants for health NGOs in the EU4Health 2023 Work Programme.

Operating Grants are the sole financial mechanism allowing health NGOs, civil society organisations, and professional and patient groups to play an independent, constructive and meaningful role in EU policymaking. While these grants were reinstated and their value recognized within the EU4Health Work Programme 2022, so far, there is no clear commitment to continue this vital source of funding beyond 2022.

Operating Grants are key to supporting health NGOs as they help to ensure people’s voices are heard in EU health policymaking, preserve the NGOs’ independence, and provide them with financial certainty and sustainability. Operating Grants also ensure that NGOs continue to stand ready to support citizens during regular and crisis times.

The joint statement, therefore, calls for the continuation of the Operating Grants as a financial mechanism providing a strong foundation for health organisations’ contribution to EU policy processes beyond 2022. Additionally, the EU4Health Civil Society Alliance calls for the inclusion of a 3-4-year multi-annual framework agreement for Operating Grants in the EU4Health Work Programme 2023.