5 questions from the EU4health organisations to Health Commissioner designate Stella Kyriakides in occasion of her Parliamentary hearing.

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1. Given that the treaty obliges the EU to include health in all EU policies, how will you make sure that the cross cutting health aspects will be mainstreamed in the work of other Commissioners, your future colleagues in the college?

2. How will you ensure by improving the Better regulation toolbox that a meaningful health impact assessment with relevant indicators is compulsory for all Commission proposals?

3. How will you ensure a strategic approach to ensure collaboration and the sharing of this expertise, to the benefit of all Member States in order to fight cross-border health conditions more efficiently?

4. Are you planning to propose during your mandate a framework to advance on the strategic issue of citizen and patient empowerment in a coherent, meaningful way, with a mechanism to ensure meaningful engagement of civil society in the implementation of health in all policies?

5. How will you ensure such a strategy is adopted during your mandate to strengthen the European engagement on Global Health?